Why PayCard™?

  • Reduce costs of paying providers (no more paper checks)
  • Improved operating efficiencies
  • Reduce complaint calls at agencies by 90%
  • Tax ID verification at provider sign-up
  • Online reporting

PayCard™ will reduce your costs and improve your efficiency.

PayCard™ offers a Visa® prepaid card that allows agencies who pay providers or contractors an alternative to writing paper checks, as well as an electronic way to pay individuals who cannot open a bank account to receive payment by direct deposit.

Understanding your needs better than any of the other competition in the industry, we have been working with agencies since 2004 and providing PayCardsTM since 2007, successfully implanting the program with four of the major California agencies.

The PayCard™ implementation process reduces startup time to only 4 weeks, far more quickly than the standard 6-9 months usually required for traditional project startup.