PayCard for Agencies

Reduce costs of paying providers

You reduce your costs of paying providers by decreasing the need to print paper checks and cancel and re-print lost and stolen checks. With the reduced costs, your company can greatly decrease:

  • High fees for checks
  • Check storage in a secured location
  • Costs from check printer/signer
  • Postage costs (envelopes/stamps)
  • Labor costs for initial processing and re-issuing checks

Improved operating efficiencies

Staff that was previously utilized to print and mail checks can be utilized more efficiently.

Reduce complaint calls

A majority of complaint calls are of the "where is my check" variety, requiring both accounting and program staff to research responses. Agencies that have implemented the PayCard™ system have been able to re-assign employees responding to service provider complaints to other duties. PayCard™ provides a toll-free customer service number with representatives available 24/7 to respond to service provider needs or questions regarding use of our prepaid debit cards.

TAX ID verification prior to issuing card

The verification for IRS purposes for individuals who you are issuing a 1099 will be performed at time of sign-up. Based on experience in California, pre-payment verification reduces improper payments and eliminates IRS inquiries into 1099 submissions.

Online Reporting

  • Open cards reports
  • Expiring cards reports
  • Card loads report
  • Custom reports on request (subject to fees)